User Contributions

MotorbikeSpec relies on user contributions for accurate data. Below is a list of the users who have helped contribute to making the information as precise and up to date as possible.

If you'd like to give back to this website, please consider creating an account and contributing enough to find yourself in the hall of fame!

New Bikes

User Count
Krize 1507
Packlips2 1483
Pookie741 1453
Traficantee 1374
CL1 1362
BlackCena 1332
JoTriggs 1315
42OEveryday 1020
XDudeXO0 996
T0maN 881

Bike Revisions

User Count
JoTriggs 703
42OEveryday 665
plznotp 638
xLGRB 632
Traficantee 620
Ferking 620
PartyShat 602
texas-hold 602
BlackCena 580
Packlips2 566

Bike Stat Revisions

User Count
XDudeXO0 9354
T0maN 9302
Cryptonite 9171
Daze4Days 9130
BlackCena 9032
Packlips2 8218
DarkMiracle 8154
Nickz95 8043
Traficantee 7107
iRepPki 6120

Contribution Guide

Creating an account

You do not need an account to contribute, however you will have no way to track the number of contributions you have made. To create an account, click here and fill in your information.

Adding a bike

Before you add a bike, first you should check to make sure the bike has not already been submitted. If you can't find the bike for the model and year, go ahead and press the Add a Bike button at the top of the page.

Should I create a new bike for each year of a model?

Yes, to make it easier when a manufacturer revises their models, we have decided to store each year of bike as it's entity.

My changes aren't being applied

Every revision you make has to be approved by a moderator before it is shown on the live site. This system is in place to prevent spam and incorrect information.

Can I become a moderator?

Our moderators are handpicked based on both the number and the quality of contributions made by the user.